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"Perfect Brow Art is amazing, its way better then getting your eyebrows waxed, it is always way less painful. im more certain that i will continue to get my eyes down at the store again."-Jennifer K.

"ooOoo Brow Art.. I just loveee bhavi !!! Best eyebrow threader ever…!!!"-Diana

"Perfact brow art is amazing!!!! Last night was my first time trying the whole eyebrow threading and I am a true believer!! I will not go back to waxing at all. Much less pain, quicker, cheaper, more convenient, and no redness or irritation after! Not mention the friendly staff. YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!"- Kathy

"Bhavi does the best eyebrows! I hope to get mine done from her again because she is the only person i actually trust with my eyebrows. She's an expert and is very polite and nice to her customers. :)"-Puala M.

"I done my arms and armspad with threading.. ohh my god I love it… hair grew back almost 50 % less. Thanks to bhavi and perfact brow art provide such good service to the town. Try it its worth the money."-Lowrence E.

"Bhavi Is my first Eyebrow threader and last….too... I m following her since they were in mall. I love her work. She is amazing."-Carol W

"I always got my eyebrows threaded while living on the west coast. When I moved to NC, eyebrow threading was unheard of. As time moved on, some people did eyebrow threading but it was not the same as home, until Bhavi. She is great!!! I love her work and definitely recommend her."- Urcia

Threading is also recommended for sensitive skin types by professional doctors.
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"I used to get my eyebrows threaded in New Jersey and when I moved to NC I had a difficult time finding the same services. Bhavi (Eyebrow Artist) is great at what she does and leaves my unruly eyebrows looking great and they last longer than waxing." - Maggie

"After having my eyebrows threaded by Bhavi(Eyebrow Artist) for about a year, I had my arms done (hand to mid-upper arm), and I absolutely love it! They are so smooth, and the redness went away in less than an hour. I couldn't be happier with the results!" - Kate

"My brows never looked better, When I did waxing they never look same and uneven, but with threading my brows are always the same arch and thickness each time. It's wonderful!!" - Nicole

"After I tried threading, I'm never going back to waxing ever again!, I love how long they last." - Amy

"My brows unbelievably clean and best shape I ever had. Very relaxing atmosphere. Wish I known about threading sooner." - Sally

"I never heard of threading before, my friend told me to try it, now I tell all my friends about it, threading give's me perfect brow shapes.
I love it! I love it!" - Jameica

"Thanks for my Relaxing Facial, I reccomended few of my friends." - Ashly

"I love this place, I get waxing monthly. I can always get a appointment at flexable time." - Lee